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The Amish are known for their strong family values, dedication to hard work, and for their ability to produce Amish dining room tables. The Amish dining room furniture can help to encourage families to come together at mealtime more often. It may sound crazy and materialistic, but an attractive and high-quality piece of Amish furniture, large enough for the entire family to gather around, can make dinner less of a necessity and more of an event.

Dining tables are not just for mealtime anymore. They can be a central gathering place for activities such as puzzles and games, baking cookies and treats, and hosting friends. Round dining room tables are perfect for seating the entire family around a game of Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. The long rectangular tables are well suited for rolling out cookies or assembling gingerbread houses. These activities themselves can promote quality family time, but having a large and functional area in which to gather can help encourage that family time more often. What better place to make family memories than around the dining room table?

Amish dining tables come in many sizes to fit any family and the extended family. Imagine a holiday feast where all family members are seated at one table - where there is no such thing as a kid's table. One can purchase a dining room table ranging in size from 36 inches up to 19 feet. Many tables are expandable with extra leafs so that they are the perfect for both daily meals as well as special occasions with lots of guests. Round dining room tables are also available in sizes up to 54 inches. They also come in drop-leaf styles and can be expanded into oval tables with the addition of a leaf or two.

It's not necessary to be Amish to enjoy and respect the values for which they are known. Much emphasis is put on quality. This quality can be seen in the furniture they produce as well as the time they spend as a family. Family time is very vital and what your kids learn now will be passed down for generations to come. There is no better place for them to learn than around the dining room table. That memory made of wood, also known as a table, should be one worth handing down.

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